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What Is A Saltwater Hot Tub?

We are all familiar with hot tubs and how relaxing they are after a long hard day of physical activity or even mental stress. But have you ever heard of saltwater hot tubs? Apparently you can add a saltwater system to any hot tub to convert it into a saltwater hot tub. After the initial investment, this makes your hot tub much easier to maintain, making it the more cost-effective option. Keep reading to find out the benefits and drawbacks of having a saltwater hot tub. By the end of this article, you can decide for yourself whether the option is worth investing in. 


Converting Your Regular Hot Tub

All you need is to add a salt chlorine generator to your hot tub system. We’ve looked through inflatable hot tub reviews, and found that many people have had success doing this with their blow up tubs. A salt chlorine generator adds salt to your hot tub and produces chlorine naturally, which helps sanitize your hot tub as well.

Benefits Of Saltwater Hot Tubs

These are a few advantages of saltwater hot tubs that may persuade you to make the investment:

Natural chlorine doesn’t smell foul 

We’re all familiar with the harsh chemical smell of chlorine bleach. Even though the chlorine solution added to swimming pools and hot tubs is different from household bleach, the smell remains the same because of the free chloramines. Natural chlorine salts convert chlorine into salt (like table salt) so there is no smell to worry about. 

Saltwater adds buoyancy and softness

Hard water is a problem in hot tubs but saltwater means your water will remain soft for longer. This also means the water is more buoyant, making the hot tub experience more relaxing.

Easier on your skin and eyes

Don’t assume that the water wil be salty like sea water – the salinity is low enough to actually be gentler on your skin and your eyes than the chemical additives typically used in hot tubs. Also, because the water is soft, there is no risk of drying out your skin. 

How Do The Costs Compare?

There is an initial investment that you’ll have to pay, the maintenance is less costly. If you’re not keen on using higher temperatures (above 60°F) then you’ll need to add the energy cost of keeping your hot tub above that temperature, because the saltwater system may not work as effectively at lower temperatures. You will need to replace the system every few years, but that still isn’t too much of an added cost. 


Hot tubs are a great way to relax at the end of the day, and there are many affordable models these days. Consider getting a saltwater system for your hot tub instead of using a chlorine solution to sanitize it, especially if you tend to get irritated from the chlorine. The initial cost may be slightly higher, but the maintenance is much lower. It’s also a lot easier to maintain, because there is no constant checking of the

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