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What Type Of Skin Care Routines to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Starting, keeping up, and being consistent with a skincare routine can leave the best of us with a million questions. The number of products to be used, brands and products to be trusted, risks to be taken, all of it can get hectic. So, to make the most out of our skincare regimens, we have studied a bunch of advice from trustable dermatologists. Their advice includes the steps, the products, and the ways that you should treat your skin. We understand these issues and consider them our own.

Two routines have been carefully curated for your skin, no matter which skin type you have. These are all the essentials you need to maintain the glowy skin that you and I are dying to achieve. Beware, this routine could quickly end up being your holy grail.’

  • Rise and Shine 

The Rise and Shine routine, as the name suggests, has been created as the daytime skincare routine. Not only will following this routine help you get rid of any leftover products but it will also prep and prime your skin for whatever will come ahead so that your skin remains challenging at the fight but soft at the feel.

  • Cleanse it up! 

All good skincare routines start from cleansing your face. Be picky with your cleanser; you want it to be a gentle face wash, not an 18 step facial. We shouldn’t have to mention this, but do not, for the love of god, use soap for your face even if it claims to be a facial soap. Don’t.  

Soaps tend to be a little too harsh for your facial skin, and most of them just end up breaking down your skin barriers.

If you deal with acne, then as per your regimen, you could easily use acne-free cleansers. The Holy Grail for us this month is the Rhonda Allison Beta Green Tea Cleanser.

  • Toner balances it all:

Toners may be considered an optional step, but if you want to go all out with your skincare, then this one is a must. Using a toner has many benefits, especially for the morning routine to balance your skin’s PH.

Toners can be used as hydration for dry and sensitive skins, and if you battle with acne, try looking for toners put together with salicylic acid and acids that calm breakouts.

  • Cheers for Vitamin C:

No matter what your age is, using vitamin C is a must! It’s no surprise that your skin battles with a million problems when you’re outdoors—Sun, pollution, oil, and whatnot. So, to protect your skin from all these monsters, you need to make sure that you use Vitamin C as the most critical element of your skincare routine.

  • Treat your eyes: 

Using eye creams may sound dramatic, but it’s necessary. Signs of aging, excess eye bags and dark rings can be avoided and treated if an eye cream is used consistently. Make sure that before you apply your eye cream, you wash your hands and use the pinky finger to avoid any damage.

  • Moisturiiiiiize 

Moisturizing your skin is INSANELY important. Not only will it hydrate your skin and help strengthen the skin barrier, but it will also make your skin look and feel gorgeous. Since you’d have to go out and work or study or whatever you do, make sure you opt for a moisturizer that is not too thick and quickly soakable.

For the readers with dry skin, opt for something cream-based, so it stays on and keeps your skin moisturized for longer.

Pro tip: Look for elements like hyaluronic acid, which is crucial for moisture retention

in these moisturizers.

  • Nowhere without your sunscreen! 

This is easily the most critical step in a skincare routine. There’s no point in making all that effort if you think leaving without your sunscreen is wise. Yes, you have to use it even when you’re indoors.

While using your sunscreen, don’t forget the neck and back of your hands! UV rays are everywhere; just be safe!

  • Hitting the Hay 

Unlike popular belief, the nighttime skincare routine is far more critical than the daytime skincare routine. It’s the perfect time to soak up your skin with the nutrients it needs. Not only that, while you doze off, your skin does all the action. It regenerates, and repairs and the added nutrients speak for themselves in the morning after.

  • Cleansing, Toning, Eye cream, and Moisturizers:

All these steps are to be repeated as done in the daytime routine. All of them end up adding hydration and moisture to your face. Not only will that help you sleep better, but it will also result in glowy and plump skin.

            Need those Serums: 

As discussed before, nighttime skincare is for the sake of rejuvenating your skin. Whatever you’re treating requires good serums, be it hyperpigmentation, acne, or radiance. Thus a dermatologist should be consulted to treat your specifics.

             No acne spots? No acne spots. 

Nighttime is the best time to treat all the acne spots that bother you and ruin all the insta-worthy selfies. Ensure you keep your pores clean and open when you treat acne spots so that they don’t just escape to the next best spot!

           All that ends with oil ends well.

 Face oils are basically like locks for your skin moisture. Consult your dermatologist to know the oil type you should be using!

  Before you go… 

In a world where you always need to look picture-perfect, not just for the world but for yourself, having healthy skin that glows is essential. But, it’s not always achievable, and that’s fine. Apart from that, make sure your lifestyle is healthy, and you’ll be good to go!

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