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Why choose the UK to live and work?

The United Kingdom is a really wonderful country to visit, to live or to work in. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why!


As one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, one that has over 300 languages spoken, the UK is home to people from everywhere and is a great country to experience many different cultures. Moreover, the people are laid back, yet it doesn’t make them passive or lazy. They like their own personal space and socializing with themselves, their families and friends (note: they do not like loneliness and will quickly befriend you if you make yourself approachable). 

Vibrant History

The UK has a well-known history, much of which they are very proud of. They have so much to share! They are not known for being egotistical or bragging about themselves, though. The people are also well-educated and use this education to further their knowledge through books, newspapers, documentaries etc., again because they like personal space but enjoy sharing personality with others – they don’t want loneliness. The people are quite confident and independent and will happily start a conversation with strangers if it means that both parties can benefit from it in some way (professional/personal). This can be an ideal country for ex-pats that wish to settle somewhere where you will be accepted for you but still maintain your individuality at the same time.

The Weather

The weather is not as harsh as it can be in other countries, so you do have the option of being able to step outside and enjoy some sunshine whenever you want. They have many national parks and even more ‘countryside’ that is mostly untouched by humans (they prefer cities). This means a variety of wildlife is common – which greatly appeals to people who like nature.

Sport Cultures

The UK also has a rich history of sports, especially team sports such as football/soccer, cricket etc., though it’s important not to confuse this with America where American Football, Baseball and Basketball are kings – everywhere you go! In the UK, if there was a sport they would be playing at all times of day/night, it is not a rarity. Due to this, you can see many sports being played on the streets and in parks as well as on the TV. They have a variety of facilities to play these sports as well as some great teams that compete worldwide!

Business Opportunities 

The UK has hundreds of small businesses that range from beauty to personal training – anything you can think of! It is also home to some multi-million-pound companies that have branches all over the world. This means if you want to take your career overseas, this could be a great option for you as it has lots of options for growth and development. You will easily make international contacts if you are up for looking for them. Moreover, immigration routes are quite favourable for business owners and minority shareholders. If you are a business owner or partial shareholder of a business in your home country and want to start a branch of it in the UK, you can do so by applying under the sole representative visa which will allow you to live and work in the UK and eventually get permanent residence. 


From a health perspective, the UK has some of the best healthcare in Europe as well as having one of the most accessible healthcare systems too. This means that everyone who lives here is given an equal opportunity to live a healthy life if they want to – all for free (yes, you read right). The people are very health conscious and keep themselves active by going for runs/walks etc. or exercising with friends at their local community centres where they also help out newcomers by giving them advice about sports, diet, workouts etc. They are usually very helpful too!

In short, the UK attracts people from all around the world due to its unique blend of attractions that can’t be found anywhere else. The country is one of the most developed in the world and plays host to many tourists who come to learn more about its history and also attend unique events there such as music festivals within the summertime or Christmas markets during winter! This means there is always something exciting going on for everyone to enjoy so you won’t be bored living here! 

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