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A Few Hacks to Extend the Life of Your Nail Polish

If you are like me, then your nail polish is a staple in your everyday life. You may even be the type to put on new color as soon as one of your old ones has chipped or ran out.So how long do nail wraps last or nail polish last? There are ways to prolong the life of your nail polish without sacrificing time on other aspects of life or spending too much money.

One hack would be putting clear nail polish over top of just-used colors that are still wet to protect them from drying out too quickly and also to give a glossier look while they dry. But the thing is, how can we extend the life of our nail polish? 


Authentic Ideas to Extend the Life of Your Product

Many people have lost their nail polish but fear the possibility of quickly obtaining more. Many products claim to save your polish but still leave. So, it looks very different after a few uses and sometimes does not work. There are a couple of things that you can do to help make saving your nail polish easier, or at least keep the good things going longer.

It’s a nail polish fact that our favorite colors eventually start to chip and fade away. There are ways to extend the life of your nail polish, but it requires a few small changes in your day-to-day routine. The most critical thing is the perfect packaging. 

1: How does the custom packaging extend the life of a product? 

Beauty products are often a high-volume purchase, and every time you use your favorite nail polish color it is recommended that you replace the cap on the bottle. So why is nail polish packaging with such an awful design? Most of us have come to expect a certain level of performance and protection in return for our money, not just for the polish itself but for any product we spend money purchasing. 

Nail Polish brands are typically held to strict regulations regarding packaging design which means that whether they are painting on nails or printing from press sheets, quality control will always be maintained.

Many companies also publish standards for their designs and the different packaging materials.

 How does raw material make the packaging durable? 

In packaging, the raw materials that go into the product can impact how durable it is. Certain plastics can also feel more solid and sturdy than others.

In truth, there are many factors that go into making certain packages more durable than others. These include fiber selection, fiber orientation, and material thickness. All things being equal, thicker materials will be stronger and more durable than thinner ones. Different packaging companies use different types of packaging to secure and extend the life of the nail polish. Like the plastic packaging and cardboard packaging. The first, and most obvious, is that it reduces the number of fossil fuels. The less processing is requiring to create raw materials. The second benefit is that on the customer end, there is much less waste produced because they only buy what they will use. But why do almost most companies choose cardboard packaging? 

Why do companies prefer cardboard packaging over plastic?

 Companies choose cardboard packaging instead of plastic for nail polish products because cardboard is more cost-effective than plastic because it takes less time to fold them up and there’s the less raw material needed. Less waste is ideal for the environment.

While the benefits of cardboard are clear, it is possible that there might be a danger involved. Cardboard packaging can get stained from nail polish if the product gets wet or damaged. 

 Cardboard packaging is an affordable option that creates a very healthy and nourishing environment for young nails.

 The first, and most obvious, is that 

It reduces the number of fossil fuels burned during production. The less processing is requiring to create raw materials.

 The second benefit is that on the customer end, there is much less waste produced because they only buy what they will use.

2: Why the people choose dry places to secure the products

Always keep your nail polish in a cool and dry place, preferably out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to heat or UV rays will make the paint inside your bottles separate, causing it to turn into a gloopy mess that’s impossible to apply and leaves it looking streaky or spotty when you do apply it.

Many people today want lasting quality products on their nails that look amazing but are also long-lasting. They know that the best way to achieve this is by applying nail polish with a base or top coat. There are some quick hacks you can use to make your nail polish last longer, such as

  • Make sure you always use drying, flat surfaces when using a paintbrush or painting polish onto your nails.
  • Start with two coats of the color, and finish with a top coat for extra protection
  • Use a matte top coat instead of shiny ones for more smoothness and shine.

3: Don’t store the nail polish in the freezer

Did you know that the chemicals in nail polish can freeze and crack the polish? Too-low temperatures also cause other problems like dryness, brittleness, and enlarged pores. The best way to store your nail polish is somewhere cool, dark, and dry.

  1. A drop of cold water on the thick coat will loosen the old polish and create a better surface for new polish.
  2. Just dabbing your brush on a drop of cold water after each application will clean it.
  3. Especially true for older Polishes, which do not have as great viscosity as new ones.

 If you are wearing three coats of polish, you can treat each one with an ice cube or two between coats to keep your nails soft, and this process will also increase the lifespan of your polish by extending the time between cleaning.

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