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Elevator Shoes For Men – Confidence is key

In a world where fashion caters to women, men sometimes have a difficult time finding accessories that compliment them. Whether it’s unflattering, out of style, or uncomfortable, men’s clothes have a reputation for being less evolved than women’s. The lack of colors, the patterns that make you look wider than necessary, the shoe designs that haven’t evolved past your dad’s high school days. Luckily in recent years designers have become more accommodating to men as well as women. It’s easier to find things that flatter your figure, express your personality, and even alter your appearance.

The Man Behind The Magic

Since 2009 men have been able to adjust their height using elevator shoes. Emanuele Briganti, a fourth generation shoemaker from Lecce, Italy, designed a subtle men’s version of women’s heels. He realized that men could also benefit from higher heels, and it would help them to appear taller. He provided less height-endowed men with the opportunity to grow 2-5 inches in a matter of minutes. These shoes were crafted with the heels built into the soles, so they would remain unnoticed by others.

Society subliminally interacts with taller people differently than those who are shorter. Taller men are subconsciously more respected, which can leave some of their shorter counterparts feeling overlooked. Something had to be done about this, it’s not fair that women get to put on heels and tower over men, without men having any way to counteract it!

Men’s elevator shoes became a big hit, taking off quickly all around Europe. Over the years, they have been purchased all over the world. While it’s true that everyone’s needs are different, most men who need a boost in height will agree that these guidomaggi shoes have become increasingly trendier in recent years. They’re now available in many styles and heights, so you can find the perfect fit.

Benefits Of Walking Tall

While increasing your height might be your main objective here, there are also several other ways you’ll be benefiting from elevator shoes. With an increased sense of height comes a slimmer look. The slimmer and taller you look the longer your legs will appear to be. This will add to the overall height of your silhouette, so not only will you feel taller up close, but even from afar you’ll seem to have a grander stance.

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