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How Much Is The Indian Head Buffalo Nickel Worth?

The total value of an Indian Head Buffalo Nickel depends on various factors of worth. The coin can be an affordable collector’s coin for the novice coin collector, but that is not always the case. The values vary significantly (from cents and up to thousands), depending on the specific nickel for purchase. 

Market analysts have indicated that the market prices for these coins have remained relatively unchanged for the past few years. A significant contribution to this fact is that these coins do not have any silver or gold in them, so they do not fluctuate dramatically in the market. There are, however, rare versions that are more expensive than some versions, and that have not declined since 2008. 

Experienced coin collectors seek quality coins. High-quality nickels belong to a viable market, regardless of whether they’re purchased or sold. The specific dates and the conditions of the coins also influence their value, such as if they are in ideal, uncirculated conditions, and these specifications influence the overall prices. For more information on how much the Indian head buffalo nickel is worth, continue reading. 


Rare Indian Head Buffalo Nickel Vs. Common Finds 

Rare buffalo nickels (regardless of the condition) are worth more than the ones more commonly found. The scarcity of some of the more rare Indian head buffalo coins has led to increased counterfeit production of them over the years.  

Price And Worth

The costs of Indian head buffalo nickel coins vary in price and value. Likewise, there is a different buy price and sell worth for the same coin. Whether the coin is circulated or uncirculated also influences retail prices and wholesale values. 

Understanding the distinction between coin price and value will give you greater insight into the fairness of the offers dealers present to you. Coin collectors know that retail price reflects what you pay for when you purchase from a dealer. The wholesale price (the coin’s value) reflects what the dealer will pay to buy the coin from the customer. 

Additional Factors That Influence Coin Worth

Other factors that influence how much the indian head buffalo nickel is worth include:

  • the coin’s survival rate or population
  • the market demand
  • the melt value
  • the grade or condition of the coin

The most significant influence on the price and value of this coin is the overall supply within a specific grade available. The available supply, in totality within the market, is established by the starting mintage of the coin. All of these considerations can explain the vast range in the worth of the Indian head buffalo nickel. For example, the 1913 Type 1 has a circulated buy price of $11 and sells for $5.50, compared to the 1916 circulated at $6,500 and $4,000 respectively. 

Purchase With Caution 

The offer you get from a dealer will depend on the specific grade of the coin you’re interested in. It is essential that you have your coin authenticated by a trusted coin dealer to ensure your Indian head buffalo nickel is entirely genuine. 

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