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Instant Versus Ground Coffee Beans: Which Is Better?

Coffee has been a staple drink to most adults because it is a good wake-up beverage and can energize our bodies for long days at work. But it’s not only the purpose that made it addicting, but also its rich flavor and aromatic scent. To top all of that, it has so many variations that fit many people’s tastes. It is easily one of the most popular drinks in the world!

Because of the pasts’ lack of technological advancement, the wonder drink was only limited to pre-roasted ground coffee sold in paper bags. Today, instant coffees are made, and people do not need a brewer to enjoy the wonder-drink. But what do you think is better, the instant or the ground coffee? In this article, we will look into their strong points in a given subject and find out which is better!


A Little Information About The Popular Drink

Coffees are dark-colored bitter drinks with stimulating effects on humans. The stimulating effects are primarily due to the caffeine content, and it is the primary reason people drink it. The wonder drink is typically served hot, but some may prefer it cold.

The bitterness of the beverage is reduced by mixing it with sugar and other substitutes such as creamer and milk. In a clinical study (read more), the stimulant in coffees, caffeine, is mildly beneficial to the consumer. There are continued studies of long-term consumption of the wonder drink that may result in preventing some diseases.

Ground Versus Instant Coffee


When it comes to quality, there is no doubt that ground coffee beans are at an advantage. It is made from fresh beans and does not undergo the brewing and dehydration process, which removes its freshness. It is grounded into smaller pieces, packed, and then goes to the market!

Instant coffees, on the other hand, went through the brewing and dehydration process. 

Shelf Life

Instant Coffees last longer on shelves than its counterpart. On average, instant coffees with unopened packaging can last up to 20 years! Sacrificing its freshness for longer shelf life is their asset, and many retailers would prefer to buy and sell these products.

Ground ones have a short shelf life, and it is recommended to consume them within two weeks after purchase. It also loses its freshness a week after grinding the beans. This product is best for avid coffee lovers who would love to enjoy it.

Aroma And Taste

Aroma is what gives a wonder drink its flavor, well, most of its flavor at least. Nonetheless, it is what made coffee aesthetic and relaxing. So what’s the difference between the two when it comes to aroma and taste? The quality can already tell you a lot just by reading it!

Ground coffee is fresh, and you can smell its aroma. You can tell its ground ones even when someone brewed it across the room, and that is how aromatic it is. The taste, of course, is strong and bitter if not mixed with sugar or creamer.

Instant coffees do have an aroma but are not as strong as its counterpart. The flavor is not as strong too, but it is still good enough for most people. But the flavors are consistent.


When it comes to variation, both sides have their gimmick. There is a wide variety of instant coffees in the market, with different flavors, and some even have a combination of 2 or more different coffees. Its counterpart also has numerous variations. The variety depends on the beans used, grinding level, roasting level, and brewing method. With these variations, it is best to say that some ground coffee flavors are unique!

Convenience And Accessibility

When it comes to convenience, Instant coffee is the clear winner in this fight. From the “instant” word itself, you simply have to pour hot water and stir it, then ta-da, you can now drink it! Ground coffee takes time to be ground, brewed, and roasted. It would also be hard to make it if there is no coffee maker present.

On top of that, Instant coffee can be bought at many retail markets, while ground coffee beans can be bought from coffee-specific shops. However, you can buy ground ones at online markets like Colonyclubdc coffee, making it convenient give you the power to order in the palm of your hands! The downside is that it might take some time for it to arrive at your doorstep. 


When it comes to prices, instant coffees are cheaper than ground ones. The average price of instant coffees is $0.07, whereas the counterpart costs about $0.37. But that does not end there. There is also the cost of preparing the ground coffee using specialized equipment.

So what made instant coffees so cheap? Well, most manufacturers use low-quality and cheap robusta varieties to lessen the cost of mass-producing them. 


What I mean by this is how much you can flex the flavors of the wonder drink. Instant coffees have several flavors, but one can not simply make a premade flavor into another one. Whereas the ground coffees, since their taste depends on the brewing method, roast level, and grind level, you can make up the flavor to fit in however you like! There are some pre-roasted ground beans that have a specific flavor. Nonetheless, you can still alter most of the taste.


Safety is something you probably did not see coming. Safety is a primary concern when it comes to the foods we eat. We often question if it is healthy for our body or not. Instant coffees are not on the healthy side because of the preservatives and additives they contain.

Preservatives are chemicals that are used to make products expire at a much later date. Additives enhance the flavors (link: of the product. Both are unhealthy for the body and can inflict long-lasting diseases such as cancer.

Ground ones, on the other hand, do not use any additives and preservatives. Since they are freshly made and consumed right away, there is no need for additives and preservatives. For that reason, you can say it is far safer than instant coffee.

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