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What is Prettyscale? Can You Trust the Results Produced by it?

Do you want to know if you’re good looking or not? We have a website for you. 

The website we’re talking about is Prettyscale. It lets you upload a picture of your face and tells you if you’re pretty or ugly. You can find out a lot more about your face such as the symmetry and other facial features that define the shape of your face. 

There are a lot of people who are confident that we look decent and have a good, feature-rich face shape. They think that they rock the world just because they feel confident in their looks. Speaking of looks, facial features and features is the first thing that people notice about you when they interact with you. 

Those who think they’re not so handsome or pretty, lack confidence because they think they’re not pretty or handsome enough to attract the attention of the opposite gender. 

Since facial beauty is an important aspect of our daily lives, we’re introducing to a website that tells you how handsome you are and where you stand when it comes to facial beauty. 

What is Prettyscale?

Prettyscale is a website like no other. They’ve come with this unique idea of rating people on the basis of their face shape. Some would say that it’s rude to discriminate an individual just on the basis of how they look but Prettyscale thinks otherwise.

Image source: Prettyscale

What Prettyscale does is ask you to upload a picture of your face and then it runs its algorithms on the picture of your face. It analyses your face shape, bone structure, skeleton, and jawline etc, to rate the beauty of your face. 

Prettyscale, as the name suggests, has a beauty scale which ranges from 1 to 100. 1 being the ugliest while 100 being the prettiest. 

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But the question still remains. Should you trust this website? Should you upload your images on this website to let it analyze and then finally rate your face based on its facial features? TO answer these questions, read on to get the information you need about prettyscale. 

How Prettyscale Analyzes Your Face?

It does that by using some Image Processing techniques. If you’re here to know what exact features of your face it sees and runs its algorithms on, we have a list for you. 

1. Bone Structure

When you upload a picture of your face on the website, it finds all the points where the most significant bones on your face might be, and connects them to come up with a number. It uses past data defined by beauty experts and compare the data of your face to rate how pretty you are. 

2. Skin Tone? (not so sure)

Some say that skin tone doesn’t matter while others think otherwise. If you ask us, we think that skin tone is subjective and so is beauty. 

If we talk about Prettyscale, we aren’t so sure if they consider skin tone when rating your facial beauty so let’s get this out of the way. 

3. Mouth Size

They’ve clearly mentioned on their website that they consider mouth size when rating your face. It’s obvious that mouth size plays an important role in how your face looks and Prettyscale is no letting this face-defining feature let go. 

4. Distance Between Eyes and Lips

When we look at someone, the first two things we notice are eyes and lips. Those with a good distance between eyes and lips look way more attractive to us than those who don’t have a good eye to lip distance. 

This distance proportion is highly considered by Prettyscale when rating your facial beauty, as per their website. 

5. Face Symmetry

Face symmetry plays an important role in how your face looks. When it comes to defining beauty standards, symmetry can make you look more attractive than others. 

This website, when rating your facial beauty, check the symmetry of your face and considers this an important metric when producing the final score.

In short symmetrical faces are likely to score more than less symmetrical faces.

6. The Golden Ratio

Prettyscale mentions on their website that sometimes the golden ratio is also considered when rating your face. 

What is the golden ratio, one may ask? In the olden times, some really famous artists use to map out their painting by using an equation which they called, the Golden Ratio. 

The golden ratio, in other words, is a calculated by measuring the width and length of your face. After that, they measure every other aspect of your face such as size of forehead, distance between eyes and lips etc. 

All these things are then taken into account to produce the best and most accurate rating of your facial beauty. 

Note: Scientists today think that the golden ratio is that answer we find some people more attractive than others.

7. Face Shape

When you visit their website and go the the Help and FAQs section, you’ll find a list of metric they use to rate your face. They mentioned that they do consider the face shape when producing results. 

Now, what do they consider about your face shape, you may ask? We can’t really say. They haven’t put much information about this so we won’t give you any false information. 

Are Results Generated by Prettyscale Accurate?

Now that we know the aspects and metric the website considers when rating one’s face, it’s time to tell you about the results it produces. Can you say that the rating given to your face by this website accurate? If you get a 90 score, are you really that beautiful?

To answer these questions, we have made a list of the reasons why you should or shouldn’t trust this website. 

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust Prettyscale

We respect the fact that you’re concerned about how you look and want to know if the opposite gender finds you attractive. We are aware of this curiosity of yours, but we have to say next  “might” hurt the expectations you have of this face rating website. 

1. Pictures Can Be Edited or Forged

When you Prettyscale to rate your face, you have to upload a photo of yourself. Now the thing is that photos aren’t everything. They can be edited or made better by putting lots of filters. 

So, if you’re expecting this website to produce accurate results for you, make sure you upload the best photo you have of your face which covers all the aspects and features of your face. 

Other than that, you still can’t trust the results produced by this website because photos are 2D. One photo can be taken from an angle in which your face looks attractive. This photo might create unexpected results for you when uploaded on the website. 

2. Symmetry Can Lie

If you think that the beauty of your face is solely based on symmetry, you’re completely wrong. Symmetry does play a part in the overall beauty of your face but if you look at the most successful model and the prettiest faces of the world, you’ll notice that they are not dragged by poor symmetry of their faces. 

Most of the successful models would not be where they are if it were just for symmetry. 

Since Prettyscale considers symmetry to a whole new level, we can conclude that you shouldn;t trust the results. 

3. Poor Picture Measurement is an Issue

Prettyscale will let you upload a photo and then ask you to place the points on your face. If you place a point in the wrong place (of you can, by mistake), it won’t tell you about the poor placement and will just go on to produce the results. 

Now, ask yourself, will you trust the result based on poor placement? No! 

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that it will measure like only 2 or 3 points of your face. This actively contradicts what they mentioned on their website about considering the golden ratio. 

They do no take into account the other important features of your face which makes them ineligible for producing accurate results. 

4. Diverse Ethnicities and Races

Some people have big noses while some have small. You can say that people with small noses are more attractive than those with big noses and vice versa. Ethnicity plays an important role in how big our eyes are, the shape of our lips, noses and forehead. 

Prettyscale is unable to identify the difference between the races. So, if you think that results produced by this website area accurate, we’d say that the results are far from accurate. 


Prettyscale is website that rates the beauty of your face on the scale of 1 to 100. 1 being the ugliest while 100 being the prettiest. It asks you to upload a photo of your face and lets you put points on your face such as on your nose and your eyes etc. It then uses the Image processing algorithms to rate your face by measuring the symmetry, nose shape, eyes to lips distance etc. 

You shouldn’t take the results serious because it lacks the ability to rate a human face. We take too many things into consideration when deciding if a face is beautiful or not. In the case of Prettyscale, it looks at a thing or two and produces the results. 

Prettyscale is a fun website, so take it as a fun site and move on. Do not let it hurt your feelings. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. 

FAQs About Prettyscale

We know that this website has been catching attention of so many people on the internet. So there have been some questions asked about this website and we’ve answered them below. 

Is Prettyscale Accurate?

The Results produced by Prettyscale are far from accurate. The reason why we think is that it doesn’t take into account all the aspects of your face. Also, It uses your picture to evaluate your facial beauty which isn’t the best metric to analyze your face. 

How attractive is your face app?

Prettyface is an app and and a website that tells you how beautiful or ugly you are. It takes into account some features of your face and tell you how beautiful or ugly you are. In this article, you can find more about the accuracy of this website.

How do you know if your pretty?

There isn’t much you can do to find out if you’re pretty but Prettyscale is a website that rates your face considering your facial features. Though, the results are not so accurate but it gives you a numerical value to your face in terms of how beautiful your face is. 

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