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Which Industries Have the Worst Safety Record?

When looking at injuries and fatalities that occur at work, the topic of the most “dangerous” job comes up often. People wonder which job takes first place, but things are not always so clear. There are different types of measures used to determine how dangerous a job is, but many agree that the number of fatalities and injuries per 100,000 workers is a good metric. Using this metric, we discover that some jobs are deemed more dangerous than others, and we are going to be looking at the industries that are mentioned most at the top.

Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is one of the largest and most important ones in the world as it enables global economies and transportation. It encompasses everything from logistics drivers to aircraft pilots. Simply put, this industry is concerned with the transportation of people and goods from one point to another.

Aircraft piloting and engineering are deemed to be the two most dangerous careers in this industry. That said, the overwhelming majority of injuries and fatalities in the airline industry involve privately owned aircraft and helicopters rather than commercial aircraft.

Delivery driving, at a fatality rate of about 27 per 100,000 workers, is also deemed relatively dangerous. The main cause of fatalities and deaths for delivery drivers is traffic crashes.


Construction is another massive industry that plays a crucial role in today’s world. Since the industry is so large, there are lots of jobs that are deemed dangerous within it. Construction workers are in most danger from falls from a height and falling objects. 

Trips in the construction industry are also very common among construction helpers, i.e., workers who assist trade workers at construction sites. We can also include electricians and roofers in this category because houses and development projects cannot be completed without them.

For electricians, the main risk arises from electricity, while roofers are at most danger from falls and falling objects. There is also the danger of falling through a roof for these workers.

The Agriculture Industry

Most people would not deem the agriculture industry to be dangerous, but it is. The fatality for farmers stands at about 28 per 100,000 workers while that of other farmworkers stands at about 25 per 100,000.

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The most common cause of injuries and fatalities in this industry include crashes and transportation accidents. Many of these crashes and accidents have to do with farm equipment, with tractors being the biggest cause of fatalities.

The Mining Industry

Miners operate machinery that removes materials from the ground and loads them into conveyors and other transportation options. For workers working with rocks, coals, and metals, the main risk is avalanches and collapsed mines.

For derrick operators, who are involved in extracting oil and gas, the biggest risk is contact with objects and transportation accidents.

Protecting Workers

All the industries described above can be made a lot safer by doing a job safety analysis. Such an analysis helps a business identify dangers and hazards and to come up with solutions to reduce dangers and remove hazards. You can learn more at, and see how you can improve accident prevention.

Some industries are more dangerous than others, and it is important to know how dangerous the one you are interested in is. Fortunately, we have come a long way in terms of worker safety and worksites are now a lot safer than they used to be a few decades ago.

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